Introduction to our Site


Welcome everyone. The purpose of this Website is to support the effort of the local church pastors and leaders, and advance the Kingdom of God on earth. Many of us does not has the money, or time to go to a full time seminary, or Bible college. That’s why I collected the information included in this site in order to help my fellow ministers. Hope you may find it resourceful and supportive.

There are few Bible colleges and seminaries that offer an alternative to pursue studies from basic, entry-level to doctoral degrees where tuition is free, and even the total cost of your studies may be free too. Bear in mind that even do they offer this alternative to the local church and individuals to get trained, they are very strict in their commitment to deliver high quality education, they are not diploma mills offering degrees for money, they offer studies you need to complete in order to get your diploma from them and even they have strict grade levels you might accomplish too.Please check their Websites for complete information on their degrees.

Some may charge a small fee for study material or, refer you to a Website in order to buy it. Even some may require this, still they are great alternative to study God’s Word.

Please go to the next pages where you will find links to these Bible colleges / Universities, also I added some links for free Bible study software and libraries, which if used in a correct way, may add a lot of comprehensive knowledge in different areas of ministry.

Enjoy the study of the Scriptures, grow in your faith and go, minister in the way God has called you, our world needs it.

God bless you,

Pastor Moises Figueroa