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We are living times where the lack of knowledge from God’s Word is very evident in almost the entire society and in some circles at church too.

It is with the intention to give some support to you, as a minister or leader, that I has made this research of Bible tools, schools and other resources in hope that it may enrich your spiritual life, help you grow in your ministry, help you as a Bible teacher or church leader to prepare the best possible.

After some years doing my research of available Bible software given free from their owners I am listing those that I feel more comfortable with. Note that there might be other freeware available and that some listed here that may require you to install modules from other Website providers.

Some of this software offer also paid versions of books and Bibles they offer which add more value to the study of Scriptures but, if you do a good research I am pretty sure you will be able to find excellent resources without the need to pay. But to be fair with all of them, those offering paid versions are really good resources, in most cases having better resources than those free.

Following are some recommendations for you to choose and enjoy:

1- e-Sword Electronic Bible Study Software – Highly recommended Bible study software. It is an excellent tool when you need to prepare sermons or Bible studies. You may need to spend a bit checking the resources offered by them and install those you want to add. It is very easy to follow and install new modules. The best Website for e-Sword downloads in my opinion is: Bible Support For e-Sword , they offer excellent tools like Bibles ( different translations in different languages), books written by some of the best Bible scholars ever and they offer other great books to support your Bible study experience like, Theology Books, Hermeneutics, Church History, Bibliology, Soteriology and much more.

2- Word Search Bible Software – Offer a great amount of free and paid resources from Bible translations to books covering different Bible topics. It also offer works made by great Bible scholars as well as commentaries, Dictionaries, Bibles, Devotional books, Maps, cross reference books, Lexicons, articles and much more.

3- The Word- Software – A great resource for in depth Bible study. They offer great amount of free resources as well as excellent paid modules to be added to the program. There are also sites offering additional material to be added to it. It is one of my top favorites.

4- Olive Tree Bible Study Software – Great Bible study tool. It is easy to download and install from their Website. It also offer a great amount of free resources as well as paid ones for you to choose. Bibles, Dictionaries, Commentaries, Devotionals, Writings from great Bible scholars and ministers and more.

5- Bible Analyzer – Great tool for Bible study. It offers most of the features offered by other programs. Easy to navigate.

6- Online Bible – An easy to follow program. It offer you the option to search for specific verse and to see it in different translations.

7- King James Pure Bible Search – For those who like the KJV of the Bible this is a great resource to study the Scriptures and to search it for verses or specific topics.

8- Bible Web App – This program offer you the option to search the Bible in their Website or download for a minimum fee. Same as Bible Pro: Bible Pro

There are other programs available on the Internet, it is not our intention to offer a complete list of Bible programs available and we also focus on those offering free access to Bible students, not paid alternatives which may offer more contemporary and updated works and materials.

In the next page I will publish some Bible Schools who offer courses or degrees, free, or very affordable fees online.


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