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Online Free and Affordable Bible Seminary Education


Following are some of the Bible colleges I found around. Please bear in mind that there are, may be, more alternatives than the ones I listed here. My intention is not base on offer a complete list of all resources, neither is to recommend a specific school or seminary but to give you excellent options available that I found honest, with sound biblical basis and, have respect for the Christian Church Orthodoxy.

1- Salt Lake Bible College – Totally online and free for people in third world countries, people in developed countries only pay a small fee per month. Other charges may include external books for some classes, otherwise they provide all you need online, in their site. They offer credits for ministry / life experience as well for previous studies, if they meet their requirements. Diplomas, Bachelor degree, masters and doctoral degrees (all in different areas of studies) requires theses in very strict format. See the Website for details. In order to start you must follow a very strict procedure. SLBC is associated with The University of America who offered affordable tuition fees.

2- The North American Reformed Seminary who offer totally fee degrees from associates to doctoral degrees in reformed theology. Everything you need to study is posted in their Website.

3- Eastern Missouri Bible College & Graduate School – Very affordable, high quality, and accredited Bible College and Seminar. They offer all variety of religious degrees from Certificates to doctoral degrees.

4-  – Oval Bible Institute – Affordable and accredited Bible Institute. It is a correspondence, and online Bible college. After accepted and fees paid they send you all study material by snail mail, or by email. Non-denominational orientation with very serious, and deep Bible courses.

5- Bible University – The real Bible University. They offer degrees from certificates to doctoral ones. Everything is included in their Website. All degrees required some works at the end, please check the Website for more information.

6- Pillar of Truth Bible Institute – Free tuition Bible Institute. Most of the book need to be purchased by the student. Even do, you save in tuition costs.

7- Freelandia Bible College – Free tuition, in a donation basis. They offer different courses leading from basic studies to doctoral degrees. Established back in 1969.

8- Gordon Conwell Dimensions of Faith Free Studies – From Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. Free Online Certificate. Check the Website for more details.

9- Internet Biblical Seminary – IBS offer the alternative to download all study materials and offline campus access free. you may take classes for credit or study independent. The studies are made in a group/ facilitator environment.

10- Bible Alive Ministries, Inc – Not a free tuition school but I added because it is very affordable. Every class you take earn a certificate of completion and if you finish their 14 courses you will receive a “Bible Diploma”.

11- The Blue Letter Bible Institute – The Blue Letter Bible now offer 14 classes, free, online which offer a certificate when you finish all classes they offer. They offer also other resources to help you study the Scriptures.

12- Third Millennium Ministries – Great resource for those involve in the missions field or are pastors with no training in countries around the world. For United States citizens or residents there are no credit offered but you can study it for your personal enrichment and growth. Excellent studies with some of the most respected Bible teachers of our country.

13- Our Daily Bread Christian University – Excellent place to study God’s Word. They offer paid tuition, and free courses either by series or as separate classes. Visit their Website to see all options available.

Non Degree Online Educational Resources

Please bear in mind that most of this classes requires you to have iTunes installed in your computer. Some courses may require the purchase of study materials (if so, they will let you know in a pop up window). You may also assess this resources and podcast by using your search engine provider or directly from iTunes University. The information provided may also change from time to time as their providers may change it, end their service or any other circumstance not under our control. Even do, we will keep looking for updates and new materials.

1- Princeton Theological iTunes Classes – As well as other Theological seminaries, Princeton offers free classes online through iTunes.

2- Dallas Theological Seminary – Free, online theological studies from DTS. Great resource.

3- Reformed Theological Seminary – Free courses from RTS.

4- Liberty Harvest – Free Seminary curriculum. You choose the degree you want to watch and you can add extra classes. No degree is offered but some affiliates of Liberty Harvest may accept credits, check Website for more details.

5- Wayne Grudems Systematic Theology – Free Theology classes from Wayne Grudem.

6- Concordia Seminary – Different classes offered using the iTunes platform.

7- Free Bible Commentary by Dr. Bob Utley – A great resource for anyone interested in study the Bible at a seminary level. Dr. Utley includes lessons online as well as dictionary and more.  He even offer a free CD if you want to receive it.

8- Harvest Time International Network – This one is a great resource. You can download all their curriculum, for free and study independent or you may study for free in a Bible School they recommend or even you can study for credits.

Library Resources

1 Christian Classical Ethereal Library – A huge collection of classic Christians writings available for reading online and some for download too. Great source of information for research. They have different Bible study groups you may join online.

2 The NTS Library – A library from Northwestern Christian University. Open to the public for Bible Study, seminary studies, research and more.

I really hope you may enjoy the study of God’s Word as you grow in your faith and your ministry. Please spread the word about this online resources. God Bless You. Shalom.



  1. indianpuritan says:

    Puritan Reformed Biblical Seminary (PRBS), India http://prbseminary.org/ offers Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and doctoral degree programs completely free of cost via online!


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